With medicines, often, it’s personal. They’ve helped us come through illnesses, sometimes serious ones. Or someone close to us, a friend or a family member, has found hope because a treatment works really well. Or we know someone who works in the industry, in research, in manufacturing or in commercial operations, where our impact is felt in Ireland and around the world. Or we pass a stranger on the street, in the shops or in a park and, unknowingly, we share things in common. Whatever the connection, innovation is closer than we think. We call it #SixDegreesOfInnovation.

At Roche, personalised healthcare – also known as PHC – is a key area of focus, combining pioneering science, data, analytics and technology to advance new discoveries and improve patients’ lives.

For many years, personalised healthcare meant testing for a disease-related biomarker and providing a targeted treatment. Today, we’re expanding and connecting this personalised approach across the patient care continuum to deliver evidence-based, technology-enabled healthcare solutions tailored to the individual.

By using data, analytics and technology across R&D and the care continuum, we are drawing closer to our goal of improving lives and advancing better health at a lower cost to people and to society.

Partnering with Cancer Trials Ireland to deliver the First Nationally Accessible Molecular Tumour Board

At Roche Ireland, we developed an innovative personalised healthcare partnership with Cancer Trials Ireland to deliver Ireland’s first nationally accessible educational Molecular Tumour Board (MTB). This MTB is aimed at improving patients’ lives by identifying the most appropriate treatment options for oncology patients, including innovative new cancer trials, both here in Ireland and internationally.

The educational MTB aims to support treatment teams by providing insights through multidisciplinary discussions on the genomic findings, their clinical implications, and potential treatment options.

The partnership between Roche Ireland and Cancer Trials Ireland follows a successful pilot programme, which was rolled out between November 2020 and December 2021. During that time, sixteen institutions participated in discussing more than 30 patient cases, all with complex genomics or novel biomarkers identified via multigene sequencing reports. Of the cases discussed, 80% of presenters confirmed that the MTB discussions helped to confirm, modify or change the treatment plan for at least one of their patients.

With this partnership, we hope to bring the MTB to the next level, to improve outcomes for many oncology patients across Ireland and ensure that a patient-centred approach to healthcare becomes a reality in Ireland. 


DOP 3.11.22

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