Sustainability at Roche
Sustainable solutions are built into our business strategy and foundational in how we contribute to a viable future.
Our contributions to society

Our greatest contribution to society is long-lasting innovation. By gathering insight from data and developing new medicines and diagnostic tools, we ensure the right treatment reaches the right patient at the right time for the right value.

Our commitment to the environment

Minimising our impact on our planet and pushing for environmentally sustainable solutions is – and has always been – a priority for our company, our workforce, and our founding family.

Long-term economic sustainability

Achieving sustainable growth, providing long-lasting innovations and ensuring qualitative and secure livelihoods for all our employees are essential when aiming for long-term positive economic change.

Additionally, accountability and proper governance are essential to maintain trust and fulfil our purpose. We measure our sustainability performance against our time-bound goals, reporting publicly to promote transparency and improve our business everywhere we operate.

Sustainability performance

We are committed to providing our stakeholders with complete and transparent reporting of our social, economic and environmental performance.

Sustainability governance

Our governance structure enables us to advance our sustainability agenda, ensuring alignment with our business strategy while engaging with our external stakeholders.

Our purpose is to do now what patients need next. The way we identify and meet those needs through our work must be sustainable in order to deliver transformative solutions to patients and healthcare systems while protecting the future of our communities and planet. This is why sustainability is built into our overall business strategy.

Sustainability at Roche

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