Future opportunities for patients and the healthcare system

Learnings from the MedTech Forum

Leading innovators and investors came together in Dublin at the recent MedTech Forum to discuss future opportunities for patients, healthcare systems and industry partners. 

Over the course of the 3 day event, two Roche leaders shared their insights and learnings. Maeve McGrath, Head of Healthcare Innovation participated in a panel discussion. Entitled, “Agile, strategic, opportunist, value-generating innovations: how to navigate and collaborate”, this “how-to” session focused on how to implement an innovative mindset and culture. 

Maeve shared her learnings from the Roche transformation journey as well as her wider experience as a people leader and years of working in digital health and innovation. 

“It was wonderful to connect with external colleagues and consider how we can innovate for the good of the patient. The panel discussion included perspectives from Roche, the European Innovation Council and Medtronic and while our everyday experiences and organisations are quite different, there were still a number of commonalities when it comes to innovation. First and foremost, it was agreed that the patient must be placed at the heart of what we do. Only by considering the patient, their experience and the problem at hand can we truly be innovative. We need to deeply know the problem at hand before we can innovate and provide a solution”, said Maeve McGrath. 

Corinne Dive Reclus, Global Head of Lab Insights participated in a Roche sponsored panel discussion regarding the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the potential impact of EU AI Act. She said: "Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help deliver cost effective, innovative and personalised healthcare. AI also presents many regulatory considerations and implications. The MedTech forum allowed for Roche to connect with industry players and consider how we can best partner and support regulators during this time of change”.

This was the first time Roche participated in the MedTech Forum. With representatives from both the diagnostics and pharmaceutical arms of the organisation, it served to highlight Roche’s role as a healthcare solutions provider. 

For more information visit https://www.medtecheurope.org/.

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