Personalised healthcare is the future, and the benefits are enormous to patients and society

An electronic health record (EHR) will be pivotal in achieving personalised healthcare, writes Dr Jennifer Westrup, Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Beacon Hospital and Associate Clinical Professor at University College Dublin (UCD). Dr Westrup is also a member of the Irish expert panel for the FutureProofing Personalised Health Index, which is supported by Roche.


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By almost every parameter, cancer outcomes have improved dramatically in recent years. Innovative medicines and novel therapeutic regimens have meant that we as oncologists have so much more to offer our patients diagnosed with almost any form of cancer.

Medicine has played its part in getting us to this point. Now the health service itself must change to accommodate 21st century healthcare and embrace technology so that patients can receive the best standard of care, personalised to their individual needs, regardless of what condition they have or where they are being treated.

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