Our global commitment

A Focus on Long-Term Success rather than Short-Term Gain

Our global commitment

At Roche, we have realised for a long time that only environmentally and socially responsible companies can achieve sustainable financial success. For us, sustainable development represents a long-term commitment to the needs of current and future generations.

The result is a focus on long-term success rather than short-term gain. Our products take between eight and 12 years to bring to market, so protecting the current and future value of our company is critical. We believe this creates a strong business case for sustainability.

The three elements of sustainability—society, environment and economy—are interdependent. We will not be successful in the long term without meeting our environmental and social responsibilities, and equally we cannot contribute to society and environmental protection without economic success. We try to balance these three elements in all aspects of managing our business.

The Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust

The Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust, known as Re&Act, is a legally independent charity which augments existing company structures and processes for corporate social responsibility. It was:

  • Created in response to strong employee interest for the means to collectively support pressing humanitarian needs.
  • Designed to harness the resources and know-how of the corporation while garnering the commitment and generosity of Roche individuals and affiliates across the organisation.

Among the projects supported by the Re&Act Trust are:
•    Peru Earthquake Project
•    Roche Children’s Walk
•    Phelophepa Healthcare Train
•    ICRC Clean water project in Africa

For more information about these projects and Roche’s global approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, visit our global website.