Grants, Sponsorships and Donations

Dedicated to benefitting health

As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche is dedicated to benefitting patients and the public health by providing financial or in-kind contributions to Healthcare Organisations1 or other Healthcare-Related Entities, including Patient Organisations, for the support of healthcare or research.

Roche meets a high level of performance and corporate responsibility in all its activities and maintains high ethical standards in its approach to medical science and in all its business dealings. Roche therefore is, for all support requests (categorised as Grants, Sponsorships or Donations), committed to full integrity, maintenance of independence of the recipient organisation, transparency and compliance with its Code of Conduct and all applicable laws, regulations and industry codes.

Roche's Irish business have strict processes in place to ensure that all Grants, Sponsorships and Donations are provided in accordance with the Roche Pharma Directive on Grants, Sponsorships and Donations and respective legal requirements. 

Applying for support

Roche Support Request Form (opens in a new window)

1Healthcare Organisations (HCOs): Any healthcare, medical or scientific association or organisation (irrespective of the legal or organisational form) such as a hospital, clinic, foundation, university or other teaching institution or learned society (except for patient associations within the scope of Annex III of the IPHA Code) whose business address, place of incorporation or primary place of operation is in Europe or (ii) through which one or more healthcare professionals provide services.