Switch On to Immunotherapy

The programme, created by the cancer nurse specialist team at The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, in partnership with Roche will educate patients on how immunotherapy works, and support them on their treatment journey.

Immunotherapy is an innovative treatment that helps the body to defend itself against cancer by working with the immune system to detect, fight and destroy cancer cells.1 Immunotherapy increases the body’s natural defenses and activates the immune system to fight the bad cells caused by cancer.1 The cancer cells are then destroyed or can be slowed down so that the cancer may not spread.1 Immunotherapy is used to treat different types of cancer.

The nurse-led initiative includes a video series with the cancer specialist team of nurses and consultant speaking about the immunotherapy treatment process and answering frequently asked questions with three patients speaking about their immunotherapy journey; an immunotherapy information booklet with practical advice and tips from the cancer specialist team and patients; and an animated video explaining cancer immunotherapy treatment in a visual, simplified way.



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