Our stakeholders include patients and caregivers, healthcare providers, governmental and non-governmental organisations, shareholders, local communities, and partners from the pharmaceutical and other industries.

We engage with these diverse groups to understand their needs and expectations, and to improve access to healthcare.

Gathering stakeholder feedback is also integral to helping us to identify and assess our social, environmental and ethical risks and opportunities. We recognise the need to work in partnership with our stakeholders, regularly seeking their views and taking them into account. 

We engage with our stakeholders by convening open dialogues on key issues such as access and ethics. These platforms enable us to actively communicate with participants and respond to their questions and views. Beyond this, we engage with patient advocacy organisations to better understand patient needs; engage in public policy work to meet with authorities and regulators, and conduct roundtables to exchange experiences and expectations with healthcare organisations. 

We also keep our stakeholders up-to-date on our actions and opinions through a variety of channels, including our annual report, corporate and local websites, emails, publications and events.

The Roche Group Code of Conduct states the expectations Roche has of its employees in all settings, including stakeholder relationships, and sets forth the standards for business behaviour that apply throughout the Roche Group.