We believe in improving people’s lives, and this includes providing a safe working environment for our employees. In our efforts to protect the environment Roche is also committed to maintaining high ethical and social standards.

Prevention is key

Safety, security, health and environmental (SHE) protection are important and enduring issues in a changing world. At Roche, protecting people and the environment isn’t just a legal or social obligation, it’s integral to our operations. For that reason, we approach SHE with the same sense of responsibility – and just as methodically – as we do issues concerning product quality, productivity and cost-efficiency.

Prevention is the key element in all our activities. Our corporate policies and guidelines outline our commitments for ensuring the safety of people and protecting the environment. We maintain these standards by adhering to laws and regulations, by cooperating with authorities and by communicating openly and frankly about our activities.

Ensuring best practice

We closely follow international developments in various areas of SHE, taking the necessary measures to comply with upcoming laws and regulations wherever we operate.

For the management of environmental issues within the Roche Group we rely on a worldwide network of SHE Officers and their SHE teams in the individual country operations. They act as advisors to the local management and supervise the implementation of local regulations as well as Corporate standards. Periodic training of these employees (e.g. in global SHE conferences) guarantees the application of the same standards worldwide. In the Roche intranet we have established a platform for providing and exchanging information from the different areas of environmental protection.

Each Roche division provides key yearly performance indicators to determine the environmental performance of the Roche Group. This data calls out strengths and weaknesses along with areas where measures need to be taken. This may lead to the development of a new corporate standard (e.g. energy consumption). The data reported is crucial in defining SHE goals which will continuously improve our performance.

The Annual Report communicates the results of this performance measurement in keeping with our commitment to transparency. Rating agencies gather this information together with additional data from questionnaires to prepare their own assessments of our environmental performance and make comparisons with our competitors.