Roche Diagnostics employs over 48 people in Ireland and is a leading provider of in vitro diagnostics, supporting clinical decisions across the healthcare system.

We work in partnership with primary and secondary care to develop improved patient pathways to support the best possible outcomes for all patients.  With a dedicated field-based team delivering innovative diagnostic products and solutions, the team in Ireland form part of the Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland affiliate, headquartered in Burgess Hill, UK. Here, our colleagues provide comprehensive support to our customers in Ireland, as well as the UK and a number of other countries.  

Our focus is on improving lives by helping to keep people healthy through screening; helping patients to get the right treatment through accurate and timely diagnosis; supporting patients to better monitor their own conditions and keeping donated blood samples safe by screening for potential disease. Our advocacy helps to improve patients’ access to our tests by providing evidence of their value.

The Roche team provides sales and support to our customers, who range from GPs and their ancillary clinics to hospital-based healthcare professionals, research institutions and hospital laboratories. Our technical support team includes 15 engineers and five applications and IT specialists, who provide reliable on-site technical assistance to ensure continuity of care to patients in Ireland.

Roche Diagnostics in Ireland is structured to ensure effective support of laboratory services and patients in both the community and the hospital setting. Having expertise in the core laboratory, molecular, tissue, point of care and digital pathology, we provide support and training on a host of platforms and work every day to ensure patients get the best possible outcomes and the healthcare system has reduced costs.

We are extremely proud to be a leading supplier of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) in Ireland and we are committed to building strong and lasting partnerships with all users of our products and healthcare providers such as the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Health and Social Care (HSC).