”Being compliant is simply good business, which means we get to help more people live better lives.”

Pat Lennon Compliance Manager

I’ve always known Roche as trail blazers in the industry and I aspired to become part of a company with such a stalwart reputation. In 2004, I joined the team in Ireland and as Compliance Manager it is my job to ensure that we conduct our business to the highest possible industry standards and regulations. So protecting our reputation is at the centre of everything our compliance team delivers. Today, I’m proud to say that the compliance mindset at Roche Ireland is second to none and it supports the business at every level.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry today is changing quickly due to increased demands for efficiency and supply chain complexity. In this fast-moving environment, we must understand how to improve processes and product technologies, make sound decisions, facilitate change, and drive business benefit. Being innovative and acting sustainably are key to our long term success and we are always thinking what can we do differently and more efficiently that will eventually make a difference to the patient. It’s about a quality mindset - instead of just simply meeting standards, we want to introduce best practice at every opportunity, and we do.

I’m extremely proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to making Roche the leading ethical pharmaceutical company in Ireland today. Being compliant is simply good business, which means we get to help more people live better lives. The strength of our pipeline accompanied by our commitment to the highest ethical standards is what makes coming to work each day worth it.

I know we are doing the best we can for patients in Ireland.

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