Working in Roche in Ireland

As an organisation, we aspire to improve the lives of the patients in Ireland and around the globe. This can only be achieved through the support of our professional, skilled and dedicated workforce. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where talent and skills can grow and flourish. Our corporate culture is one of respect, encouragement and entrepreneurial spirit. We transform obstacles into opportunities, and always act with the patient in mind.

What’s it like to work at Roche in Ireland? Well let’s discover more from some of our people working across the business.


Nadjet – Market Access Department

Nadjet is part of Roche’s Emerging Market Leadership Acceleration Programme. This accelerated learning programme is an exchange between Roche employees in emerging markets and those working in major markets. The objective is to transfer experience and bring leadership skills to Roche affiliates across the globe. Nadjet, who was on secondment in Roche Ireland for 20 months, found the culture to be extremely welcoming and open with an inspiring focus on helping the patient.

“Coming from Algiers, the collaborative nature of the team here helped me to adapt to my role and the new environment very quickly. The job I did was also extremely interactive, working with departments across the business both in Ireland and other regions. The passion that the team in Dublin displays for the patient is why I loved coming to work every day. This programme has been an amazing experience for me and I would say it is one of the many exciting reasons to join Roche.”

As part of Nadjet’s leadership programme, she has now taken a new role in Roche’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland but has already returned to visit the Dublin office.


Lorna –Medical Department

With a background in Biomedical Science from NUIG and a PhD in Neuro Pharmacology from Trinity College, it was always Lorna’s goal to work in pharmaceuticals. Honing her craft in Clinical Trials and then moving to the role of Medical Science Liaison, she has now reached her goal of becoming Country Medical Manager at a company that inspires her every day.

“The incredible products that Roche has developed have literally changed the face of cancer as we know it, and the innovative pipeline is extremely strong. Equally the voice of the patient is always heard in this office. We’re advocating for them first and foremost. Combine that with the fact it is a genuinely nice place to work, and you can see why I feel very lucky to be part of this team.”


Lisa– Finance & Business Services Department

Lisa’s core job is accountancy but surprising to many, the biggest element of her role is controlling spend and sales forecasting across the entire Roche product range.

“This means I get to work with people in every area of the business, for example it could be the Market Access team one day and the Leadership Team the next. It’s so varied and unlike Finance Departments in other companies I don’t really ever have a typical day. It really is unique and the commercial aspect of the job is something I would recommend to anyone who has a background in accounting.”


Mairéad– Medical Department

Mairéad’s role is a combination of feasibility studies on hospitals across Ireland to make sure they are equipped to carry out Roche’s studies, activating these trials and managing them from start to finish. Having started her career in a temporary role in Drug Safety at Roche, she has found her niche in the Clinical Operations.

“The patient-centric mentality of Roche is why I wanted to stay after first joining as a temp over 5 years ago.  I have been fortunate to work in various roles across ROche during my time here and found the business has really supported me along the way. In my current role as Country Study Manager, I now run innovative programmes that have seen 40 patients in Ireland receive access to a new medicine in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. It's really rewarding.”