At Roche we enjoy working together in diverse environments as a passionate team, seeking new ideas to help patients in Ireland enjoy better health.

Working tirelessly to reach their individual goals, our employees reveal their own unique strengths along the way. This diversity is what makes Roche in Ireland so strong, and is the reason we seek to provide so many growth opportunities to employees willing to take on challenges, irrespective of gender, age and nationality.

The employees profiled here have succeeded in blazing new trails in healthcare. Here are their stories, in their own words, describing why they’re proud to work at Roche.



Maitiu O'Nuallain

Health Economist, Market Access


Maitiú Ó Nualláin is a Health Economist working in Market Access in Dublin. From his initial placement as an intern, to his position today, read about how his journey evolved and the culture at Roche.

Hi Maitiú, tell us about your beginnings at Roche…

Having completed my degree in Pharmacology at UCD I was lucky to secure an internship with Roche which gave me a broad view of the company as I was given the opportunity to work across almost all departments. From there, my luck continued as I was selected to take on a maternity leave role as CRM Analyst, having had CRM experience from a previous role in another industry. Following this, an opportunity as a Business Analyst became available and I grabbed the opportunity to apply for the role and give it my best. Fortunately, I was successful in the interview process and got the job. In the role, I again had much exposure to many different areas of the business and worked with many different teams and departments. I was involved in the analysis of sales, forecasting of products and construction of budgeting models. This gave me many insights into the different markets we operate in and particularly in the area of market access. This coupled with external exposure in the arena of Health Economics brought me to my current role as Health Economist for which I have recently completed a diploma in.

So what does your current role in Market Access involve?

In a nutshell, the team I work in identify the best possible arrangements for getting essential products to patients in Ireland. To do this we collaborate with government agencies, healthcare decision makers, academics and a broad range of external stakeholders. We work hard to make research transparent and to assure that we operate with integrity. We submit a dossier for assessment along with cost-effectiveness and budget impact models. Our priority is to ensure patients have access to our medicines in the most timely fashion possible.

What do you like about your role now?

I’m passionate about removing barriers between patients and the life-saving healthcare solutions they need. We have a rich pipeline and the data from many of our trials are extremely impressive, it only seems ethical that these medicines need to be available to Irish patients as soon as possible. I work really closely with the franchise teams and I really enjoy the collaborative style of working.

Is there anything in particular that stands out for you about Roche?

it's great to work in such an innovative company whereby our products have had and continue to have a profound impact on patients’ lives as well as that of their families. My role is at the forefront of making sure R&D investment actually gets to patients in Ireland to improve their health and wellbeing. Asides from this there is a really nice environment in the office and a warm, friendly culture, making it a nice place to be.

Would you recommend Roche to someone who has completed your degree?

Yes, without hesitation. There are many opportunities for development and career progression and it is a friendly and inclusive place to work.



Sales Department


Alice is the Sales Director in Ireland. Here, she describes how she thrives on building relationships.  Alice also explains why working with medicines that add real value to patients is the key to her job satisfaction.


Hi Alice, tell us a bit about your history in Roche…

I’ve actually been working with Roche in Ireland for nearly 18 years now!  I started as a Dietitian and rose up through the ranks as such to now be sitting on our Leadership Team as Director of Sales. I’ve had a few different roles in the meantime in both the sales and marketing functions. In both of these functions, I have been able to champion patient initiatives which have added real value to patients and customers.

That’s quite a journey, can you explain what your role involves now?

I guess it is quite a journey and the evolution of the business has been fascinating to watch during my time here. The medicines that we have developed and brought to patients in Ireland are truly life-changing. And my role now centers on empowering my very talented team of Sales Managers and Hospital Sales Specialists to work in partnership with our customers to help identify and meet their patients’ needs. Our portfolio of medicines is truly inspiring and as a team, we endeavor to ensure a Roche Medicine is front of mind for the customer when a patient presents to them.  We are entering a time where an ability to compete is becoming paramount to our success as an organisation and as a leader of the Sales team, it is my responsibility to ensure our customer-facing team is adding value in all our interactions with customers.

What challenges have you faced if any?

The compliance environment has shifted significantly during my time so I’m always aware of keeping on top our ethical standards in all our dealings with external stakeholders on a day to day basis. That’s something we live and breathe here.

How has the business supported your training as a manager?

First and foremost, I was afforded the opportunity in 2014 to become a line manager which was a significant step in my career.  I completed a Diploma in Management at the Irish Marketing Institute which was supported by Roche.   It was extremely valuable and I find I’m building on those skills consistently with further training support by attending regional and local training but most importantly learning on the job from others around me.

What inspires you most about working at Roche would you say?

Several things really, firstly the family nature of our culture has been a very strong feature here since my very first day right up until today. And secondly, my passion is people and I love working with everyone from physicians to patient groups and I always try to build meaningful relationships with the inspiring people I’m lucky to meet. Finally, it’s great to see four out of seven people on the Leadership Team are currently female. Supporting diversity at all levels of the business is something we are very proud to do at Roche.

Theresa Atkinson

Sales Department


Working the Sales team for Roche, Theresa Atkinson and her colleagues are the bridge between Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and our medicines in Ireland.

Theresa – you work in the Sales Department for Roche in the team which looks after breast cancer related medicines. What does your role entail exactly?

I’m originally a nurse and a midwife actually, so this led me to pharmaceutical sales. Because of my background, I’ve always had a strong patient focus. Day to day we’re essentially the bridge between the medical, nursing and pharmacy teams and our products. A lot of the “day to day”  job entails lots of interaction with my Roche team and the teams of HCP’s that use our products...informing, educating, problem solving, investigating and helping patients get access to our medicines, if they need them! Patience with a healthy sense of urgency is essential.

What attracted you to joining Roche?

Well, I wanted to work for a large and innovative pharma company but one that had a supportive and inclusive culture. I like to know everyone ….I’m a small town girl! However, I wanted longevity in my career with a company that displayed strong values and a product pipeline that I could really get behind. And I found that in Roche, after hearing many recommendations.

I was told by somebody who had co-marketed a product with Roche that “you could always hear laughter in the office from the reception desk,” I can confirm that is was and still is true! 

Have you worked on a project that has been particularly rewarding lately?

I set up a project called The Self Care Series in 2014 and it is still running and growing in popularity every year. It is a workshop, held in various locations nationally, which focuses on HCP’s and their own Wellbeing. The psychologist runs this workshop and covers topics such as goal setting, time management, dealing with conflict at work/home and having a positive mindset.

We have recently included some complimentary talks also on topics such gut health, decluttering, mindfulness and the Benefits of exercising in nature. Initially, 20 people attended, but now have over 120 people attending. We know from the attendees that we are really helping the carers of those patients being treated for cancer. They are caring for themselves by taking a couple of hours to focus on little changes that may make a big improvement in the way they live their lives. It’s not “rocket science” but the feedback we get is 100% positive. 

What’s been your biggest challenge lately?

One of Roche’s objectives is to make our medicines accessible to the patients who need them, irrespective of where they live and their ability to pay. This is a significant challenge right now in Ireland due to an overly complex system which needs urgent reform.

How do you manage this?

We rely heavily on a strong multidisciplinary team work ethic, in addition to really visualising and understanding the patient who needs our products. The market access team, in particular, are amazing. This area of every pharmaceutical company will continue to rapidly evolve over the coming years. If our products do not get reimbursement, we cannot get those products to the patient….

They need our continued support! 

Is there a social side to work that you enjoy?

Let’s just say that “the laughter” I first heard about in the Roche office is still alive and well! We are a very inclusive company and I am proud to work for Roche. People genuinely care about one another. It would help also NOT to take yourself too seriously! We are a multicultural company and I hope that our colleagues from other countries feel welcome too.